"Erebus is an unequaled, masterpiece of horror."
- Gunnar Hansen, 'Leatherface' - 'Texas Chainsaw Massacre'
"An experience you won't forget."
- 101.1 WRIF
"This has become the best haunted house I've been through."
- Oakland Press
"One of the top Haunted houses in the country."
- Scared Stiff Magazine
"It's four stories tall, state of the art special effects, and Hollywood quality makeup.
This is why this baby gets line-ups clear across the block, and always has.
Erebus is perfect in every way."

- 101.5 Rocks-Flint
"The most conceptually created haunted house I have ever seen."
- Haunted Attraction Magazine
"The moment goes from one of slight tension to that of complete chaos.
Yet, the thrill and the fun of it all is worth making the heart work overtime."

- Oakland Post
"Erebus is better than any other two haunted houses combined."
- Madonna Herald
"This is the best Haunted House, we give it ten out of ten!"
- Mathieu Dandenault & Henrik Zetterberg, Detroit Red Wings
"It is four floors of heart-thumping terror...The special effects are state-of-the-art, the sound system is "killer."
- Community Connector
"Parents bring their children one weekend and come back again next weekend with friends leaving the children at home. Its a unique experience for everybody to enjoy."
"The sophistication of the scares at Erebus rivals the wizardry you'd see in a Hollywood film or experience in a Universal Studios Attraction."

- Royal Oak Daily Tribune