halloween haunted house - erebus haunted attraction

America Haunts is a group of some of the most successful and well known Halloween Haunted Houses in the World! These Halloween Haunted House attractions have been reviewed extensively and rated as excellent by scores of media sources. They are long-standing events famous regionally and nationally for running safe, fun and extremely scary shows sure to terrify the most jaded horror or haunted house fan!

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About Our Events: This group of Halloween Haunted House attractions has been extensively honored by their peers and media outlets everywhere. Most of these events at one time or another have been on Hauntworld's Top 13 Haunted Attractions list (A major haunt industry publication) and have also been featured in AOL's yearly Top Haunts list. They have been covered by many TV shows in both long-form documentaries and by national media outlets, including The Travel Channel, CNN, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, The Wall Street Journal and USA Today.

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halloween haunted house - erebus haunted attraction