erebus haunted attraction

The Son of Chaos and Brother of Nyx (Night), the darkness beneath the earth through which the dead must pass to reach hades.

- Greek Mythology

Erebus: The Owners

Erebus was founded by Ed and Jim Terebus, Veterans of the Haunt Industry since 1981. Erebus opened it's doors in 2000 and has gained national recognition as being one of the top haunts as well as earning the Guinness Book of World Records for the worlds longest walk-through haunted attraction in August of 2005, We held the title until September of 2009! Erebus leads it's victims through four stories of unique and terrifying paths with fear so intense some call it PAIN!

The Erebus Time Machine

Dr. Colber, a mad scientist obsessed with time travel actually figured out how to make it work! But in doing this, every time he got one of his subjects into another time period, that time period itself looked at them as a virus and wiped them out! Obsessed with trying to make this work, he sent more and more of his employees into the time machine until he ran out of time, money, and subjects… Which brought him to a brilliant idea! Disguise his time machine as a haunted house! Now, he has end endless supply of human guinea pigs to use in his experiment, and better yet… they unknowingly fund the program.